Previous game updates

2019/08/19 - Game update 1.6.100 (87) - b33f3740

Character now available:

Otherlands dungeon now available:

Equipment now available:

Enhancement item now available:

Items added the Tsubura's gems exchange shop:

  • Golden Chip (Material)
  • Silver Chip (Material)

Other changes:

  • Key item "Ancient Gold Coin" description translated: "Gold coin picked up in the Ruins of Rucyana. When was it made and where it is from is still wrapped in mystery. It seems like it can be used in some transactions."
  • Some changes in the German, Korean and Taiwanese Mandarin translations
  • Massive amount of changes in the French translations (like with every update since they added French)

Images changed: Google Drive

2019/08/07 - Game update 1.5.500 (85) - 50f8dcd7

Enhancement items added to the site:

Images changed: Google Drive