Kilqia Back

The 7th of the 7 Rainbow Sisters. She's pretty much the mascot of the troupe. She used to wield a katana like her eldest sister, but as she hates to be too close to the action she has since switched to a staff. A hopeless gossip, she knows all her sisters' secrets, which in a way makes her the one really in charge.

Weapon Staff Staff
Armor Ring Ring
Obtained via Gallery of Dreams
Traits Mask Staff

Rank # Rank Materials
Rank 2 Caster  
Rank 3 Medium  
Valor Chant Description
Aqua Guard Water type resistance of all party members +20% (1 turn)
Skill Element Type Description Multiplier MP
Energy Bolt Non-type Magic Magic attack on a single enemy (S) 140% 10
Refresh Non-type Buff/Debuff Restores the status of all party members - 5
Inspire Non-type Buff/Debuff Intelligence of all party members +20% (3 turns) - 18
Fairy Light Non-type Buff/Debuff Regen all party members (L) (3 turns) - 25