Noome Back

A mass-produced robot of unknown origin. All that's left in his database is this story. "Once upon a time there was a small white room. The room was protected by tin men. The tin men were told to maintain the peace within the room. There was no one in the room, so peace was maintained."

Weapon Staff Staff
Armor Ring Ring
Obtained via Gallery of Dreams
Traits Staff

Rank # Rank Materials
Rank 2 Caster  
Rank 3 Medium  
Valor Chant Description
Elemental Weakener Type resistance of all enemies -15% (1 turn)
Skill Element Type Description Multiplier MP
Energy Bolt Non-type Magic Magic attack on a single enemy (S) 140% 10
Refresh Non-type Buff/Debuff Restores the status of all party members - 5
Inspire Non-type Buff/Debuff Intelligence of all party members +20% (3 turns) - 18
Fairy Light Non-type Buff/Debuff Regen all party members (L) (3 turns) - 25