Uuo Back

A mass-produced robot of unknown origin. All that's left in his database is this story. "One day, three children appeared in the small white room. They got on very well with one another, and gladly listened to all the tinmen had to say. Those three children were very peaceful in that small white room."

Weapon Sword Sword
Armor Arm Arm
Obtained via Gallery of Dreams
Traits Sword

Rank # Rank Materials
Rank 2 Fighter  
Rank 3 Knight  
Valor Chant Description
Slash Weakener Slash resistance of all enemies -20% (1 turn)
Skill Element Type Description Multiplier MP
Heavy Slash Non-type Slash Slash attack on a single enemy (S) 150% 10
Rolling Edge Non-type Slash Slash attack on all enemies (S) 110% 15
Heavy Shield Non-type Buff/Debuff Physical resistance of all party members +20% (3 turns) - 18
Weapon Break Non-type Slash Slash attack on a single enemy (M) and Power -15% (3 turns) 170% 28