Urania Back

The 4th of the 7 Rainbow Sisters. She's in charge of cooking for the troupe. Though definitely at home in the kitchen, her tendency towards subtlety doesn't go too well with Pasia, who prefers strong flavors. Actually the baby of the group, she was often seen chasing after the older ones when she was younger.

Weapon Fist Fist
Armor Necklace Necklace
Obtained via Gallery of Dreams
Traits Mask Cooking Fists

Rank # Rank Materials
Rank 2 Smasher  
Rank 3 Pugilist  
Valor Chant Description
Wind Guard Wind type resistance of all party members +20% (1 turn)
Skill Element Type Description Multiplier MP
Straight Punch Non-type Blunt Blunt attack on a single enemy (S) 150% 10
Combo Smash Non-type Blunt Blunt attack on a single enemy x2 (S) 75% 12
Round-House Kick Non-type Blunt Blunt attack on all enemies (S) 110% 15
Accelerate Non-type Buff/Debuff Power of user +15% and Speed +15% (3 turns) - 13